Food Packaging Design

Imagine your customer is standing before a shelf at their local grocery store. They have a lot of different products to choose from. How do they decide which one to buy?

Every day, competing products demand your customer’s attention. And if a customer is comparing between an array of familiar and unfamiliar products, what do you think is likely to catch their eye? Often, it’s the packaging design.

If your food product is in need of packaging designs that scream “pick me”, we can help! We provide professional food packaging designs that stand out.

Why Does Food Packaging Design Matter?

Your product packaging design affects your brand and your customers in many ways. Here are a few of them:

  Makes the Buying Decision Easier

An infographic by PaperWorker, a packaging company with over 60 years of experience, shows that one-third of buying decisions are based on product packaging and personal preferences. Businesses have also reported a 30% increase in customer attention when they pay strong attention to their packaging design.

When your product stands out, it’s easier to get customers to buy it and keep buying it.

  Builds Brand Loyalty

Customer loyalty is influenced significantly by product packaging. Customer satisfaction drives brand loyalty, which is affected by the perceived quality and value gotten from the product. Product packaging is a powerful factor that affects how your customer perceives value.

A well-designed food package communicates your brand identity effectively and builds brand loyalty.

  Transmits Critical Information

Your food packaging design provides critical information to the consumer. For example, it is generally required by law that retail food products display its nutrition information, ingredients list, allergen warnings, and total volume or weight of the package contents.Adding critical information to your packaging design helps you comply with relevant laws.

How To Create The Best Packaging Designs

Packaging design is vital to your food product’s success, but how do you create the best ones? Here are a few tips to help you:

  Be Clear About Your Brand Identity

When designing your food packaging, you should keep your brand identity in mind. You want to provide consistent visual information to the consumer because it helps them identify your products faster.

  Be Authentic and Unique

Great packaging design is original and memorable. Be willing to try something a bit different from the industry norm. You’ll be surprised how seemingly small changes can have significant effects.

  Be Honest About How You Present Your Product

It’s tempting to present your product in the most appealing way possible, especially if the packaging design contains a photograph. In that case, ensure that it depicts how the product looks to avoid disappointing the customer.

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